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CRN: Chinese Army’s Regimental Combat Troops Armed with Beidou Positioning System

China Review News (CRN) recently reported that nearly all Chinese regimental combat troops have been equipped with the Beidou global positioning system. The Beidou system is the Chinese home-grown positioning system that the Chinese military operates. The system claims to be the world’s third largest global positioning system (the U.S. GPS being number one). The Chinese military started developing the system in 1985, after Chinese missiles failed to receive the U.S. GPS signals. The Chinese system uses only two satellites, which work jointly with a “height distance” database to offer precise positioning. It is considered to have the world’s most secure architecture with the widest coverage for a two-satellite system. The Chinese military aims to accomplish global coverage by the year 2020.
Source: China Review News, November 9, 2013