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China’s Ministry of Education Officially Prohibits Schools from Using Foreign Textbooks

In recent years, the Chinese authorities have been proactively investigating teaching materials. On Tuesday, January 7, the Ministry of Education issued a notice, making it clear that schools of compulsory education should not use foreign teaching materials and that universities and vocational schools should follow relevant national policies when selecting foreign teaching materials.

The Ministry of Education released the “Administrative Measures for Teaching Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools,” which requires that schools, when selecting teaching materials, should not replace national curriculum materials with local curriculum materials or school-based materials. At the same time, “compulsory education schools must not use overseas teaching materials.”

The Ministry of Education demands that the teaching materials that the schools use at all levels must “represent the will of the Party and the country,” “adhere to the guiding position of Marxism, reflect the requirements of Marxism in China, reflect the style of China and the Chinese nation, reflect the Party and the country’s basic requirements for education, and reflect the basic values of the country and the nation.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, January 7, 2020