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China to Increase the Proportion of Navy and Air Force in the Military

In an interview with Beijing Morning News, Li Daguang, a military expert at National Defense University, announced that China will reduce the proportion of its ground forces and increase its navy and air force. China’s military will break the tradition of having a ground force-led military command mechanism and will establish separate command headquarters for the respective military entities. In combat operations, they will be under a joint command based on the direction of combat. 

The white paper, "The Diversified employment of China’s Armed Forces," published on April 16, 2013, disclosed the number of the Army mobile operational units, navy, and air force for the first time. The PLA Army mobile operational units include 18 combined corps, plus additional independent combined operational divisions (brigades), and have a total strength of 850,000. The size of the Navy is 235,000 and the Air Force 398,000. 

Source: Beijing Morning News and Xinhua, November 19, 2013