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LTN: Taiwan Legally Recognized the Wuhan Pneumonia as a New Infectious Disease

Major Taiwanese news network Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that the Taiwan Center for Disease Control officially announced that the widely reported Wuhan pneumonia will very soon be recognized legally as a new severely infectious disease caused by a new virus. The legal process is nearing its completion. The Taiwanese government already asked the Mainland to provide the gene sequencing of the virus and has been arranging to send experts to Wuhan to make an on-site examination. The Taiwanese authorities have also established special procedures on monitoring and communication matters as well as airport and in-flight quarantine operations. All currently identified patients have been cleared. The government repeatedly warned the people not to visit Wuhan and the nearby regions. If anyone has to visit these places, it is strongly recommended that they avoid contact with livestock and frequently wash their hands. Since December 31, the Taiwanese port authorities have checked 17 flights which included 1819 passengers and crew members.

Source: LTN, January 10, 2020