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HK01 Interview: The CCP Will Follow the Historic Cycle of Any Party/Regime (It Will End)

A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) theorist admitted that the CCP may face its end soon and collapse. Fang Ning, Party Secretary of the Institute of Political Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, made the point during an interview with HK01, a Hong Kong news media. Fang is a communist theorist and has given lectures at two sessions of the CCP Politburo Group Study.

HK01 asked him, “Qiushi Magazine published a series on Xi Jinping’s speech. (From Xi’s speeches), one can see that Xi Jinping has a deep worry about the crisis and whether the CCP can maintain its ruling position over the long-term. He has also talked about how to escape the historic cycle (that any party may collapse in the end). As the CCP is reaching its 100th anniversary, do you think it can escape the ‘historic cycle?’”

Fang Ning answered, “The historic cycle does exist. The cycle of a party or regime is that, when it fights for power in the beginning, it is very active, vigilant, hard-working, and self-disciplined. As time goes by, all kinds of social problems keep accumulating. It begins to slack off and can gradually collapse. That’s the rule. We hope to overcome this cycle problem. . . . Therefore (we) must do everything possible to solve this problem. Whether it can be solved in the end is dependent on how we do it.”

Source: HK01, January 5, 2019議事廳/414273/01專訪-對話房寧-百年大黨能否跳出歷史週期律-