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IHL: The U.S. Military Does Not Have a Patent on the Hypersonic Missile

The International Herald Leader (IHL, under Xinhua News Agency) published a commentary regarding the U.S.’s response to China’s hypersonic missile "weapons" test. Below is a summary of the article. 

On January 9, 2014, China conducted a hypersonic missile "weapons" test. The missile will be used for defending the U.S. missile defense system. A U.S. official stated that China’s new hypersonic weapons test marks an important advance for the Chinese new strategic nuclear and conventional missile development program. 
The article stated that the U.S. has continuously hyped in high profile regarding China’s weapons and spacecraft tests, which is the same as hyping and spreading the “China threat" theory. The reason for this is to create a sense of urgency for the United States mission and arouse a sense of crisis among U.S. allies. After all, the U.S. is treating China as its core opponent in its Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. At the same time, hyping China’s military power can help "unite" the U.S.’s many Asia-Pacific allies to fight against China.
The article concluded that, to break the "missile defense system" built by U.S.-led allies and the "China threat theory" encirclement, and to control the discourse power, what China needs most is [military] strength. The U.S. does not, by any means, have an exclusive patent on the hypersonic missile. If the Europeans can make it, the Russians can do it, and the Japanese are also working on it, then China has no reason not to do it. Only when China becomes really strong will the [China military threat] noise eventually disappear. 
Source: International Herald Leader (under Xinhua), January 20, 2014