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Huanqiu on Close Military Cooperation between China and Ukraine Since 1990s

On March12, 2014, Huanqiu republished an article originally from on the close military cooperation between China and Ukraine since the 1990s. However, the original article can no longer be found. For over the past 10 years, China has been at the top of the list for Ukrainian arms exports. In the 1990s, Ukraine sold China three large-scale ships. Among them was the former Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag. The Varyag has been rebuilt into today’s Liaoning aircraft carrier, China’s first aircraft carrier. Since 2006, Ukraine has also been training Chinese engineers, pilots, and navy technical experts in Ukraine. In 2009, Ukraine media admitted that Ukraine sold China four “European Bison” hovercraft.

A large number of first-class engineers in Ukraine lived in poverty after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Through personal friendship and shared ideology and thanks to the old Sino-Soviet friendship in the Bolshevik, Mao Zedong, and Stalin era, China invited many top experts in key military technology fields from Ukraine to come to China. In 10 years, China has recruited thousands of experts from Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States to engage in over 2000 technological projects. In 2006 alone, groups of Ukraine scientists visited China about 150 times to participate in scientific research and give lectures and there were over 2000 individual visits. Those experts were very eager to help and answer whatever questions the Chinese scholars asked because they cherished the old Sino-Soviet friendship. The current changing situation in Ukraine may affect China-Ukraine trade, especially military, cooperation. However, according to Ukraine local officials, those signed agreements have not been affected.

Source: Huanqiu,  March 12, 2014