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Xinhua: Xi Jinping Addressed the Military Political Work Conference

Xinhua recently reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee as well as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), delivered an important speech at the Military Political Work Conference held in Gutian, Fujian Province from October 30 to October 31. Xi emphasized that political work is extremely critical to ensuring the performance of the military. He described political work as the “life line” for the military to support the “Chinese Dream.” He called for the firm establishment of ideals, Party principles, combat standards and political prestige. In his speech, Xi asked for immediate action on the five focal points of building the “military soul,” enhancing the management of high-ranking officers, pushing anti-corruption, raising the fighting spirit, and innovating in the political work area. Gutian, Fujian Province is believed to be the original location where the Communist Party established its “military political principles” during the Civil War.
Source: Xinhua, November 1, 2014