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Xinhua: Xi Jinping’s Instructions on Political Work in the Military

Xinhua published a lengthy report, summarizing the instructions that Xi Jinping, Chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, gave on the political work in the military. Improving the military’s political work is a key step in the overall theme of "building a strong army."

The article had three major sections, titled, "The goal of building a strong army requires applying strong political work in the military," "Promote strong political work in the military," and "Inspire and motivate soldiers using [Xi’s] own acts."

The article stated, "There are thousands of approaches to accomplishing the goal of developing a strong army, but the greatest one is to ensure resolutely that the military follows the [Chinese Communist] Party’s direction." In late 2012, Xi pointed out, "[We] must adhere to developing the army in ideological and political areas, adhere to the fundamental principle and system that the Party has absolute leadership over the military, and ensure the military is absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, and absolutely reliable."

It listed several approaches to developing the Party’s control over the military. "In peacetime, it should test whether the military adheres to the Party’s leadership. The key observation is whether it implements firmly, effectively, and seriously the directives of the Party’s Central Committee and Party’s Central Military Commission."

Source: Xinhua, November 3, 2014.