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Xinhua: Cyber Warfare Is Comparable to a Nuclear Strike

The military section of Xinhua published an article discussing the importance of cyber warfare in the future battlefield among countries. A partial translation follows: 

“Cyber warfare is a devastatingly destructive form of combat. It is related to the country’s safety and its survival. The enormous power of cyber warfare is similar to that of a nuclear strike. It can bring the entire network to a standstill, delivering a heavy blow to the central nervous system of the entire society.” 

“Military experts point out that cyberspace has risen to a level parallel to the sea, land, air, and space; it has become the ‘fifth field.’ The ability to control cyberspace has become an important part of a nation’s military power. Analysts have pointed out that, in the future, the ‘fifth field’ will become each country’s main battlefield.” 

“According to a knowledgeable expert, cyber warfare is like ‘Pandora’s box.’ One should treat a cyber war with the same vigilance as a nuclear war.” 

“Since 1991 when the U.S. used cyber warfare successfully in the Gulf War, the U.S. has never cooled down its enthusiasm for cyber warfare. From the time when the U.S. military developed the ‘Schutte’ system in order to achieve a high degree of integration of electronic warfare, cyber warfare, direct destruction, and many other means of attack, to the use of the ‘Stuxnet’ virus to sabotage Iran’s nuclear research program, the U.S. has held a ‘Cyber Storm’ exercise every two years, in order to test the U.S.’s network security and emergency response capabilities and to establish the world’s first ‘Network Warfare Command." The U.S. is moving farther and farther along on the road of cyber warfare preparations.” 
Source: Xinhua, December 9, 2014