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People’s Daily: Expert’s Explanation of “Land-based Aircraft Carrier”

People’s Daily published an article in which military experts explained China’s "land-based aircraft carrier."

A Google satellite picture showed a large land-based construction in the shape of an aircraft carrier and other construction in the shape of a warship in a location in central China. The "land-based aircraft carrier" is about 300 meters long and 80 meters wide. A plane that looks like a J-15 fighter aircraft was also visible on the carrier’s deck. The warship next to it is thought to be the upper decks of China’s 055 Destroyer.

In an interview with the CCTV, military expert Li Li stated that this "land-based aircraft carrier" should be China’s land-based aircraft carrier training center. With the model of large warships next to it, it indicated that China’s training also includes system integration with multiple ships.

Li Li also said that China’s aircraft carrier may use both the catapult style and sky-jump style for planes to take off.

Source: People’s Daily Online, January 23, 2015