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Newly Created Modular “Hospitals” in Wuhan Have No Equipment and No Staff

Xinhua reported that on February 3, 2020, Wuhan built three modular hospitals (called “square-cabin hospitals” in Chinese) at the Wuhan International Exhibition Center, Hongshan Stadium and the Wuhan Living Room Exhibition Center. These hospitals are to treat patients with light symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Another 20 modular hospitals are being shipped to Wuhan.

A woman tweeted that she was admitted to and treated at a private hospital and later was told she would be transferred to a larger hospital. On Feb 5, she was taken to a modular hospital, a vast exhibition center with no partitions. However, it was not a hospital. There was no equipment and there were no nurses in sight. Over 1,000 people had to use a single restroom, which was not disinfected and not cleaned. Electric power was out due to short circuitry. People trembled at night under non-functioning electric blankets.

She carried her own gamma globulin for temporarily boosting her immune system, yet she could not find a nurse to do an injection.

A video showed a man talking. He may have been in charge of one of such a spacious, unpartitioned facility. He announced, “This is not a hospital! This is a quarantine station. . . . We don’t have medical appliances . . . Once you get in, you cannot go out!”

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Source: Xinhua, February 5, 2020.

2. Image from Twitter:

Source: Twitter, February 6, 2020

3. Image from Twitter:

Source: Twitter, February 6, 2020