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Global Times: A Chinese Military Officer Calls for Displacing US as the World’s Military Might

Global Times, one of China’s Official websites, cited an article from Reuters on March 1, 2010 regarding a new Chinese-language book “The China Dream” written by Liu Mingfu, a professor at China’s National Defense University and a PLA senior colonel. Liu suggests that “China should build the world’s strongest military power and displace the United States as the global ‘champion.’”

“Liu Mingfu believes that China should abandon modesty about its global goals and ‘sprint to become the number one World Power.’

"Liu warns that China’s ascent “will alarm the U.S., risking war despite Beijing’s hopes for a ‘peaceful rise.’”

Liu wrote that "If China in the 21st century cannot become the world’s number one power, it will become a straggler that is cast aside." 

Source: Global Times, March 01, 2010