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Global Times: Russian Media Discussed Defense Procurement from China

Global Times recently referred to Russian media reports that discussed buying naval equipment from China, especially given the situation that the French delivery on Russian naval orders are being questioned. The Russian reports indicated that the Russian naval capabilities are currently weak in the Far East seas. Russia lacks anti-submarine and escort capabilities on the surface. The Russian shipbuilding industry suffered deeply after the Ukraine crisis, since Ukraine withdrew all its operational support. Russia should look to China to seek cooperation, especially in the field of building surface vessels. A strong Far East Russian fleet may benefit China in balancing the US-Japan partnership. The Chinese 054A Frigate may be the right choice for Russia not only because of its advanced configurations and performance, but also because of the deep Russian involvement in its original design. The Russian media called for procuring eight to twelve 054A Frigates for the Russian Pacific Fleet.
Source: Global Times, April 17, 2015