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PLA Daily on Cyber Security

On May 20, People’s Liberation Daily published an opinion article calling for the defense of China’s cyber security and cyber sovereignty.
"China’s cyber sovereignty is a symbol of its national sovereignty. Cyberspace is also the space for national security. If we don’t occupy the online battleground, others will take it; if we don’t defend our online territory, we will lose sovereignty and even become the bridgehead for the hostile forces’ encroachment and disruption.
"With the assistance of the Internet, computers, and mobile phones, Western hostile forces viciously attack our Party, discredit the founding leaders of the new China, denigrate our heroes, and set off erroneous ideological trends of historical nihilism. Their purpose is to confuse us with ‘universal values,’ create interference with ‘constitutional democracy,’ subvert our governance with ‘color revolutions,’ turn us upside down with the use of negative opinions, and shake up our faith with ideas of ‘separation of the military from the Party,’ ‘separation of the military from politics,’ and ‘nationalization of the military.’
"To strengthen the cyber ideological work is to defend the highest interests of the country and the battle, and safeguard people’s fundamental interests. In the face of this conflict, we will not and cannot afford to retreat; we will not and cannot afford to lose. If we do not pay attention to Internet security and put our hands on the online ideological work, the enemy will pull the masses away and the military will change its nature. One can say that this is the most dangerous battlefield and the most critical battlefield.
"On the journey toward a stronger nation and a stronger army, we shall not only resolutely safeguard our national sovereignty, our security and our interests on a tangible traditional battlefield, but we will also resolutely defend our ideological security and political security on the invisible cyber battlefield."
Source: PLA Daily, May 20, 2015