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PLA Daily: Chinese Navy Commanders Should Not Act Rashly

On May 19, 2015, right after U.S. Secretary of State Kerry’s visit to China, the People’s Liberation Army Daily issued a commentary stating that Navy commanders should not cause trouble, show signs of weakness, or act rashly. 

"Right now and for a long time, actions to maintain sovereignty and maritime rights and interests are highly political and strategic. So are the actions to protect the safety of strategic maritime passage and the safety of overseas Chinese and their interests. How to act in line with the overall situation of national political diplomacy has become a high political and strategic requirement for Navy commanders at all levels. … At all times and under any circumstances, the front-line commander must especially bear in mind and carry out firmly and actively that he must maintain orderly movement including advance and retreat, and must not speak and act carelessly or act rashly, in order to ensure that China’s national strategic intent is reached and achieved.” 

Source: People’s Liberation Army Daily reprinted by, May 19, 2015