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Global Times: China and Russia Conduct Joint Naval Exercises in the Japanese Sea

Global Times reported on August 15 that the Chinese Naval fleet left the Qingdao Naval Base for Russia to participate in this year’s second China-Russia joint naval exercises in the Japanese Sea. The exercises involve 23 surface vessels, 2 submarines, 15 airplanes, and 8 helicopters. The Chinese fleet includes 7 surface vessels, 5 airplanes, and 6 helicopters. These are from the Chinese Naval North Sea, the East Sea, and the South Sea fleets. All of the Chinese vessels are active main warships. This year’s first China-Russia joint exercises took place in the Mediterranean Sea in May. The key exercises included joint anti-air, antisubmarine, and anti-warship exercises, as well as joint defense and joint disembarkation. The joint naval exercises are based on the China-Russia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Relationship. The exercises are not aimed at any third party or in response to any regional situation.
Source: Global Times, August 15, 2015