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Global Times: US High-Ranking Officials Travel to China to be Chastised

China published several articles about the forthcoming visit by the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg and Senior Director for Asian affairs at the U.S. National Security Council Bader. These articles claimed that U.S. President Obama caused the tension in the Sino-US relationship. Steinberg and Bader’s visit, in the mind of the Chinese, was President Obama’s administration’s way of easing the tension and apologizing to China. Chinese scholars also claimed that they came to China to be chastised, creating friction between the two nations.

Chinese media stated that both of them were considered to be U.S. officials who “know China,” but that “knowing China” does not mean they are “pro-China.”

China is watching closely whether in April the U.S. is going to classify China as a government that manipulates the foreign exchange rate.

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