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Global Times: China Should Consider Establishing Overseas Military Bases

Wang Haiyun, Senior Advisor at the China Institute for International Strategy, published an article proposing that China break through the old restriction on establishing overseas naval bases. The article provided the following arguments in favor of his suggestion: 

China has become the world’s second largest economy and is truly a big country in the world no matter which way you look at it. China’s global interests are expanding; its global responsibility is also increasing. China hopes to provide more public engagement with the international community, including more involvement in combating piracy and conducting peacekeeping operations and humanitarian relief. Regardless of which task is performed, they all depend on protection from overseas military bases. The world’s major powers all have overseas military bases. The U.S. military bases are all over the globe. Even Japan has opened a logistics base overseas. As a UN Security Council permanent member, why should China tie itself? 
China’s economy is increasingly integrating with the world economy. China’s enterprises’ "going out" process is accelerating. China’s overseas assets are growing in scale. More and more people are working and traveling overseas. The security tasks of maintaining oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure are becoming more arduous. Because it lacks overseas military bases to provide security, China will inevitably encounter more and more problems and security risks. With the advance of “one belt, one road" initiative, this situation will become even more prominent. 
The Chinese Navy is moving from an offshore towards becoming a blue water navy. Just for the consideration of training needs, we cannot do without foreign military bases. 
Source: Huanqiu (Global Times), November 14, 2015