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Global Times: Chinese Naval Admiral Warned U.S. Admiral to His Face

Global Times recently reported that Chinese Naval Commander Admiral Wu Shengli met with U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Scott Swift, who was visiting Beijing on November 19. Wu said in the meeting that China is strongly against the recent U.S.’ “serious provocation” against China’s sovereignty by approaching Chinese islands too closely under the name of freedom of navigation. Wu asked the U.S. Navy to cherish the valuable U.S.-China relationship, stop threatening Chinese national security in the South China Sea, and carefully control the U.S.’ maritime military activities. Swift replied that the U.S. Navy does not want to cast a shadow over the relationship of the two navies only because of the South China Sea situation. He called for more joint exercises to avoid potential misjudgments and accidents based on The Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea. 
Source: Global Times, November 20, 2015