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Infection Count: Wuhan Epidemic Control Command Center Ordered 100,000 Patient Beds

Epoch Times, an independent Chinese media, reported that the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Command Center issued an emergency notice, requesting the local command center and relevant business units to prepare 100,000 patient beds by February 20.

According to the scanned images that Epoch Times posted, the order stated:

Phase 1: Prepare 50,000 beds by February 10, including 12,500 beds for critically ill patients, 18,000 for mild patients, and 21,020 for those quarantined.

Phase 2: Prepare 80,000 beds by February 15, including 13,000 beds for critically ill patients, 23,100 for mild patients, and 44,000 for those quarantined.

Phase 3: Prepare 100,000 beds by February 20, including 14,000 beds for critically ill patients, 30,000 for mild patients, and 56,000 for those quarantined.

People have been questioning the accuracy of the infection count that Beijing reported. On February 12, Tencent reported the official statistics as 44,730 infection cases nationwide with 33,366 in Hubei Province. On February 13, Tencent statistics jumped to 59,901 infection cases nationwide, a 34 percent increase from the previous day. Infection cases in Hubei province jumped to 48,206, or a 44 percent increase. A Beijing expert explained that this was due to adjusting the coronavirus infection verification method.

However, even with the adjusted higher number, there is still a gap between the 100,000 beds and the officially reported confirmed cases in Wuhan (there is no specific number for Wuhan but one can assume it is part of the Hubei count).


Source: Epoch Times, February 12, 2020

Images (Tencent Epidemic Statistics):

The four columns above read as:

  • Confirmed Cases Nationwide: 59,901, increase of 15,171 from previous day
  • Suspected Cases: 13,435, increase of 2807 from previous day
  • Recovered Cases: 6,007, increase of 1,265 from previous day
  • Death Count: 1,368, increase of 254 from previous day

The data read as: Hubei Epidemic Report: Increased Confirmed Cases: 14,840; Accumulative Confirmed Cases: 48,260; Recovered Cases: 3,441; Death Count: 1,310.