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Public Opinion: Fang Bin, a Volunteer News Reporter Was Arrested

Since the government filters out a lot of information, many people in China try to post information on the Internet on their own. Fang Bin was an example.

Fang’s most famous posting was the YouTube video that he posted on February 1, 2020, when he drove to several hospitals to observe the situation there. In the video, he saw a car from the Wucang Funeral House parked outside of the Wuhan No 5 Hospital. When he arrived (at 28:00 minutes), there were three corpses inside the car. After he went inside the ER room and came out, by then (at 32:00 minutes) he saw the car had eight corpses. A person (possibly someone from the funeral house) also showed anger toward the authorities: “They only report a dozen deaths a day!”

After that, the police stayed outside of his apartment building to monitor him. Fang had reported every day on the Internet that he had not been arrested yet and thanked the public for their attention that was keeping him safe. On February 9, sources confirmed that police broke into his apartment and took him away.

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