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People’s Daily: China Confirmed Building a Second Aircraft Carrier

People’s Daily recently reported that the Chinese Defense Ministry confirmed in a press conference that China is currently designing and constructing a second aircraft carrier. China’s first aircraft carrier is a modified and modernized Russian aircraft carrier. This second one will be a completely China-made carrier. The spokesperson for the Defense Ministry emphasized that the decision to build a second aircraft carrier does not conflict with China’s peaceful foreign policies and defensive military policies. The main construction site of the new carrier is located in the city of Dalian. The ship’s displacement level is at 50,000 tons. The design sports a conventional power system and the primary airplane model will be the domestically made J-15. Fixed-wing aircraft will utilize a ski-jump ramp for take-off. The new aircraft carrier design absorbed many lessons learned from the first one and it will incorporate many new adjustments and improvements. The Defense Ministry is committed to providing more information once it is available. 
Source: People’s Daily, December 31, 2015