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Local Government: On February 13, Beijing CDC Issued a “Wartime Status Order”

On February 13, 2020, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Party Committee issued a “Wartime Status Order” (战时状态令). Any mid-level party cadres and Party Branch managers whose actions have a big impact and a bad influence will be put on suspension or removed from the job immediately.

The order asked all Party members and cadres to understand fully the urgency and importance of the current “emergency,” “critical moment,” and “crisis point,” establish an “unusual mentality” and enter into a “wartime status.”

Everyone should unconditionally obey the “wartime status” Party Committee’s decision and serve the current epidemic control work.

Everyone should also strengthen their political security, ideology security, Internet information security, secret information security, laboratory animal security, and food security. Resolutely prevent any information leaks or any confidential security incident.Excerpt in Chinese:




Source:, February 13, 2020