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Beijing’s 2009 U.S. Human Rights Report

On March 12, the State Council Information Office published the 2009 U.S. Human Rights Record, an annual government paper to counter the United States annual human rights report, which was published one day earlier. 

The 15,000 word long document details U.S. human rights in six categories including life, property and personal safety; civil and political rights; economic, social, and cultural rights; racial discrimination; women and children’s rights; and infringement of other countries human rights. In one account, it claimed that the “occurrences of rape in the U.S. is 13 times higher that the U.K. and 20 times higher than Japan, ranking the highest in the world.” 
The report concludes that, “All the above facts show that the United States of American not only has a terrible domestic human rights record, but has been a major source of many world human rights disasters.”

Source: China News Service, March 12, 2010