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Major General: “Kill the Enemy to Open a Bloody Path” for Military Reform

Xinhua republished an article from Guangming Daily on military reform. The author Zhang Chuanjia, a Major General and a consultant to the Central Military Commission’s Military Reform Leading Group, indicated that military reform is facing severe obstructions.

Zhang stated, "Any existing system that has formed has a structure in which vested interests co-exist within that structure. This [military] reform intends to break that structure apart. From past experience, we have seen that almost all excuses given for blocking reform had the intention of covering up the real motivation, which was to protect vested interests. Therefore, if we don’t show the determination to ‘kill the enemy in order to open a bloody path,’ we can’t cut down the fence protecting the vested interests and we can’t make progress on military reform."

Zhang, in the later part of his article, stressed that carrying out military reform should be viewed as a political battle.

Source: Xinhua, February 18, 2016