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Local Government: Ying Yong Is in Full Control in Hubei Province

There was a report that Ying Yong, the former Shanghai Mayor who was recently appointed to be the Hubei Provincial Party Secretary, has absolute power in Hubei’s battle to control of the coronavirus epidemic .

United Daily News, a newspaper in Taiwan, reported a story about Ying Yong: At an emergency meeting with the top officials of Hubei Province, Ying asked to impose the strictest traffic control starting at midnight on February 17, 2020. No cars would be allowed to move except those who had special permission from the provincial Public Security Bureau.

Some officials asked if this plan should be sent to the Party Central Committee for approval. Ying said there was no need for approval, but there was just a need to make Party Central be aware of it. He decided what to do in Hubei. Whoever had a different opinion could speak out, but would then be removed from his post. At this special time, the Communist Party Central Committee gave him all the power; he must take immediate action to be responsible to Party Central and the Hubei people.

Ying then asked Wang Guanbin, Director of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, how many days he would need to complete the traffic control? Wang said there could be some challenges.

“I am not asking you if there are any challenges,” Ying answered. “You tell me how many days you need to make it happen.”

Wang didn’t give answer for over a minute. Ying then said, “You don’t need to answer. Deputy Director Jia, please answer this question.”

Jia stood up and made a salute to Ying, answering he would need three days.

Ying said, “Good! I give you five days. You are now the Acting Director of the Hubei Public Security Bureau!”

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Source: United Daily News, February 20, 2020