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Ministry of Defense: China is Deploying Anti-Missile System recently reported that Yang Yujun, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, spoke at a press conference in response to questions about the Korean-US deployment of the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) System. Yang said China remains strongly opposed to the THAAD system since it can cover the vast majority of Chinese territory. However, China has determined to take proper actions to maintain the regional strategic balance. Yang acknowledged that China is “appropriately” deploying a land-based mid-range anti-missile defense system. He then explained that China’s deployment plan is to defend national security and it’s not directed against any country or targets. China’s move does not impact global strategic stability and China has every right to improve its own military capabilities for self-defense. China also held The Fourth Northeast Asia Security Forum with Russia on July 28. The Forum focused on tighter cooperation between China and Russia to deal with the THAAD deployment. 

Source:, July 29, 2016