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Resuming Production: Hangzhou City Direction: Companies Can Punish Employees Refusing to Return to Work

Hangzhou Daily newspaper, under its Weibo account, reported that the government of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, gave companies directions that they should get employees to return to work and can punish those who refused to come back.

At the city’s coronavirus epidemic control press conference, Liu Zhiyong, a Party member from the Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau stated, “For those employees who are concerned with the coronavirus and do not want to return to work, companies and labor unions should tell them the epidemic control requirements and the importance of resuming production, to persuade them to report to work. For those who do not listen or use improper excuses to refuse to return work, companies can handle them according to the law.”

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Source: Weibo, February 20, 2020