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Mingpao: Uygur Major Blames U.S.-led Western Forces

According to Mingpao, a Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong, Canada, and the U.S., Mohammad Hasan, the deputy political commissar of the Xinjiang Military District in China said on March 11, 2010, that the U.S.-led Western forces do not want a powerful China, and “try all means to get you into trouble,” choosing Xinjiang as a breakthrough point. This article is reprinted on and several other overseas Chinese websites.

At present, Xinjiang Uyghur and Han ethnic tension is high because of the July 2009 Urumqi riots. The CCP Central Committee will hold a Xinjiang Work Conference in May of 2010 focusing on how to fix the problems between the ethnic groups and regain the people’s good faith. Hasan emphasized the importance of children’s education: “propagandize positive things more and make fewer irresponsible remarks.”  

Source: Mingpao, March 11, 2010