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Hiding Information: Liaoning Province Ordered to Destroy Files Regarding Epidemic

Epoch Times, an independent Chinese language media, reported that it has obtained an internal document from the Chaoyang Municipal Health Commission of Liaoning Province regarding the destruction of documents related to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The document was issued on February 23, 2020, and submitted to the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission. The document read:

Provincial Health Commission:

After receiving the “Emergency Notice on Safely Handling Relevant Information,” our city government immediately notified the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau, Lingyuan City government, and Longcheng District government to destroy files and data. We also identified and listed every person who had access to the data and required each of them to sign a ‘Confidentiality Commitment.’ The three offices have destroyed the data.


1. List of work units that received the file

2. Confidentiality Commitment

Signed by Chaoyang Municipal Health Commission, on February 23, 2020

The attached “Confidentiality Commitment” form required the signer to promise the following:

  1. Immediately destroy any data file, picture, and records that are stored on any computer, thumb-drive, and mobile phones.
  2. Absolutely do not use any reason or any means to duplicate, use, or send the above data to any other people.
  3. Except when required by law, do not release this information to any other institute or individual.

The Epoch Times reporter searched Liaoning Province and Chaoyang City news on February 21. The Liaoning Provincial Health Committee announced zero new coronavirus infection cases on February 21, but Chaoyang reported six confirmed cases.

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Image: Chaoyang Municipal Health Commission’s Report to Liaoning Provincial Health Commission

Image: Confidentiality Commitment

Excerpt in Chinese:





Source: Epoch Times, March 1, 2020