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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Team Reported Ten Weaknesses in China’s Handling the Coronavirus

Chen Guoqiang, Dean of the Medical School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, led the school’s medical team in publishing, “Reflections on the Novel Coronavirus Infection” in the magazine Scientia Sinica Vitae. The article listed the following problems and shortcomings in China’s handling of the coronavirus:

  1. Didn’t report the national major public health epidemic promptly to the public; lacked plan to prevent and control the coronavirus at the early stage.
  2. The public health and disease prevention and control system does not match the need to support the scale of economic development
  3. The emergency response mechanism cannot respond to life-threatening, major public health emergencies
  4. Scientific and technological innovation is disconnected from solving clinical problems, lacks channel for data sharing, transformation, and utilization, and lacks laboratory with relative safety level
  5. Insufficient medical supplies and strategic reserves to respond to major public health emergency
  6. Some officials do not have specialized skills and the capability to make decisions
  7. There is a large deficiency in responding to the public’s sentiments regarding public health emergencies and in directing public opinion
  8. Need to improve the response mechanism on studying and responding to the “secondary disaster” after epidemic outbreak
  9. The ecological civilization concept is missing and wildlife market supervision is weak
  10. The general public’s civilized quality and scientific knowledge need to be improved urgently.

Excerpt in Chinese:

1 问题和短板

1.1 国家重大公共卫生疫情向公众报告不够及时有度,初期科学防控预案缺乏

1.2 公共卫生和疾病防控体系建设与经济发展不相适应

1.3 应急响应机制难以应对威胁人民健康的突发重大公共卫生事件

1.4 科技创新成果基于临床问题导向的针对性不强,数据共享及转化应用渠道不通畅,缺乏相关安全等级实验室

1.5 应对重大突发公共卫生事件的医疗供给和战略储备不足

1.6 突发公共卫生事件中暴露出的一些干部专业化能力不足及缺乏循证决策能力的短板

1.7 突发公共卫生事件舆情应对和舆论引导能力存在较大缺陷

1.8 疫情发生后“次生灾害”研判和应对体系有待加强

1.9 生态文明理念缺位,野生动物市场监管乏力

1.10 民众的公民素质和科学素养亟待提升

Source: The Paper, February 24, 2020