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China Requires Migrant People Register Their Political Identity

Radio Free Asia reports on January 7, 2007, that in a notice issued by China Central Organization Ministry and Public Security Ministry, migrant residents are required to register their political identity (i.e., whether they are members of Chinese Communist Party or the Party’s associated organization) along with their application for temporary resident status. The notice asks that all related department and organizations take care of the migrant Party members.

According to independent analysts Zhu Jianguo and Chen Yongmiao from Sunzhen (southern China), such tactics is a way of trying to control the migrant population with the Party’s old-fashioned method. Chen believes that such control will not have any effect because nowadays being a Party member has a very negative connotation. When people call one’s name, they call the whole family are “Communists.” 

Source: Radio Free Asia, January 7, 2008