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Resuming Production: After Issuing Direction for Movie Industry to Resume Operations, Beijing Said Not to Resume

On February 26, 2020, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a “Direction on Epidemic Prevention When the Beijing Movie Industry Resumes Operations during the Time  when the Novel Coronavirus Is Spreading” (hereinafter the “Direction”). The Direction said that during the initial stage of resuming operations, movie theaters should sell tickets for every other seat on every other row, employees and audience members must wear face masks and be tested for their temperature, and the ticket office must record each audience member’s information.

The Direction made people wonder if Beijing would open movie theaters for business.

However, on February 27, Chen Bei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal Government, stated at a press conference that it was not the right time to re-open movie theaters and the movie industry would not resume operations.

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Source: Xinhua, February 28, 2020