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Global Times: The U.S. will lose, if there is a trade war with China

On March 25, 2010, Global Times, one of China’s official websites, published the article “China advises the U.S. regarding ‘Trade War’: the U.S. will be a loser if it challenges (China).”

The article cited Western news reports to present its point, such as the Washington Post’s article on March 22, 2010, (“China’s commerce minister: U.S. has the most to lose in a trade war”); the Reuters’ article on March 21, 2010, (“China vows to hit back if targeted by U.S. on yuan”); an article from the Boston Globe; and another article from Singapore’s "Lianhe Zaobao".

Yuan Peng, director of the Institute of American Studies at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations told Global Times that it would be a lose-lose situation if the U.S. launched a trade war with China.

Source: Global Times, March 25, 2010