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China Issues Secret Order to “Strike Hard against Falun Gong as Olympics Approach

Minghui, the official website of Falun Gong, reported that the Political-Legal Committee of Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee issued a secret document entitled “Working Suggestions for Maintaining Social Stability, Ensuring the Security of the Beijing Olympics” on February 19, 2008. The document was sent to all the provincial “Political-Legal Committees” and the corresponding "Offices for the Prevention and Handling of Cult Issues.” The document mandates that between March and September of 2008, relevant departments should “focus the time and manpower on implementing activities solely to exclude and dissolve conflicts;” “strengthen the management of foreign journalists reporting on the Olympic Games;” and “strengthen the management of Internet and mobile phone short messages.” The document especially emphasized the need to “strictly prevent and strike hard against Falun Gong.” According to the report, kidnapping and deaths cases of Falun Gong practitioners due to persecution have increased significantly following the issuing of the document. The report listed six confirmed deaths between February 23 and March 9 of this year in addition to multiple kidnapping cases.

Source: Minghui, March 17, 2008