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Diplomacy: CCTV Says Pompeo “Loots a Burning House”

On March 29, China’s Central Television (CCTV) released a commentary, titled, “As the U.S. Enters a Period of Major Catastrophe, Why Do Pompeo and Alike ‘Loot a Burning House’?”

The commentary said, “As an anti-China ‘pioneer’ in the current U.S. government, Pompeo’s performance after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus was extremely despicable. From publicly calling the virus the ‘Wuhan Virus’ many times, to slandering the Chinese Communist Party and the China’s political system as a ‘threat of the times,’ to trying to include ‘Wuhan Virus’ in the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement, Pompeo has used various domestic and foreign situations to stigmatize China and spread the ‘conspiracy theory’ (against China). He has stunned the world with his Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, which has severely disrupted the current cooperation on global pandemic prevention.”

It stated that despite the U.S. Leader showing an active attitude to cooperate with China, Pompeo’s insisting on blocking the cooperation showed that he had a hidden agenda. He was preparing to step up further (running for President) in the future.

“It is a shame for the United States to let such a low-quality politician take the helm of American diplomacy. Pompeo is undoubtedly the ‘most lame’ compared to those Secretaries of State in U.S. history. At present, the United States epidemic prevention is entering a period of ‘major catastrophe.’ If Pompeo is allowed to use private political interests to abduct American society and public interests, the U.S. will pay a high price for this and will go further and further down the road of isolation.”

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Source: CCTV, March 29, 2020