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Official Newspaper Praise the Patriotism of the Young Oversea Chinese Immigrants

This front page article, titled “The Young Men Who Protest ‘Tibetan Separatist’ and the Western Media Deformation” and published by International Herald Leader, a subsidiary of the official Xihua News, spoke of the stories of three young oversea Chinese for their “heroic actions” to defend the image of the “country” (China). The three Chinese, aged from 20 to 24, are all recent immigrants to the west. One of them lives in Canada and had produced a Youtube video for the purpose to “educate the west with true facts that Tibet is an inseparable part of China”. The second young man featured in the story, a residence of England, had vowed to place the Chinese national flag inside the “head-quarter of the Tibetan Separatist” in London. The third one had created an ANTI-CNN.COM website aimed at exposing the western media for smearing China with fabricated stories. In the end, the article praises the “grass-root power” and the “patriotism” demonstrated by the generation of 1980’s and their ability to expose the “arrogant and prejudice” of the western media "so more people in the west can learn the truth about Tibet”.

Source: Xinhua April 1, 2008