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Global Times: If the U.S. Hikes Sanction on Computer Chips, China Has Counter Measures

Global Times recently published a commentary written by Ni Guangnan, one of the founding members of the China Engineering Academy and the former Chief Engineer of the Legend Group. Ni said that the United States seems to be preparing to mount more sanctions on computer chip exports to China. The new plan may cut off chips manufactured by China’s primary overseas chip supplier TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). Though this plan can significantly damage China’s high-tech industry, yet China does have some counter measures. One example is to ban U.S. 5G chips or products with U.S. 5G chips from the Chinese market. The potential damage on just Apple and Qualcomm alone will be around US$70 billion. China can also set limitations on government procurement of U.S. IT products, which will severely damage the U.S. Wintel ecosystem. Apparently, the U.S. is not just aiming at Huawei, but at the entire Chinese high-tech industry.

Source: Global Times, April 3, 2020