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Accountability: The CCP’s Handling of the Coronavirus Followed Its Unrestricted Warfare Strategy

Robert Spalding, a retired Brigadier General and a national security strategy expert in the U.S., published a research paper on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) handling the spread of the coronavirus. It follows its new way of war detailed in the book called, Unrestricted Warfare, written by two Peoples Liberation Army Colonels. It details a strategy on how to defeat the militarily superior United States.

Spaulding commented that the CCP has taken advantage of and weaponized globalization. It has spent decades utilizing globalization to slowly take control of the world’s trading system, dominate key industries and markets, build a global media and internet presence, and deploy subjects and diplomats around the world. Therefore, when the time came, these elements could easily be brought together for three intentional actions – to deflect blame, cause panic, and take advantage.

  • Deflect blame. The CCP controls Chinese language media everywhere. Chinese language social media uses the often-utilized practice of crying racism and stoking nationalism to instill fear and revenge in those inside and outside the country. The citizens under lock-down are blocked from sharing their boots-on-the-ground point of view as social media is further restricted and censored. Abroad, a full media and diplomatic blitzkrieg can be levied to ensure the virus is not named according to its origin and to start a campaign to claim that it came from another country. Finally, flush with horded supplies the CCP can feign being good Samaritans as they earn profits by price gouging the world on personal protective equipment (PPE). Ultimately, deflecting blame props up the CCP’s message about the superiority of their Communist system.
  • Cause panic. Fear is one of the strongest human motivators. Since the CCP controls the supply chain, they can activate internal and external actors to lock down the supply of medical equipment, fueling fear. This is accomplished by denying the export of certain items like masks, threatening to ban the export of others like pharmaceuticals, and buying up any foreign domestic stock using their networks abroad. The Western media also contributed to it. Fear is strengthened by hyper-inflated models that are blasted 24/7. Panic buying, hoarding, and the political blame game follow, adding to the cycle.
  • Take advantage. This is the true goal of weaponized globalization. The CCP knew about the virus beforehand and could therefore control the outflow of information and people. Any Wall Street veteran knows a pandemic will cause a panic in the market. Thus, the CCP was well-positioned to liquidate positions, probably quietly before anyone was even paying attention. Their next educated guess would have been that the US and others would enact a vast stimulus bill, which would flow into China by virtue of the fact they held all the supply chains – more profits pour in. Meanwhile, flush with cash, they can shore up US and other companies with that cash further solidifying control.

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Source: Hudson Institute, April 1, 2020