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Leadership: Is Xi Jinping in Trouble in the CCP Internal Fight?

There has been some unconfirmed information that Xi might have lost out to some extent in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) infighting.

Liberty Times, a Taiwan media, reported that Kyle Bass, a well-known U.S. hedge fund manager and a current member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, posted on his Twitter account on April 11:

“Secretary xi is in trouble within China. According to my sources within, the party elite want xi gone. The Guangdong elite (Uncle Deng’s family) are beginning to rattle the cages of change against the supposed “emperor for life”.”

New Highland Vision, a media based in New York, published on its Twitter account:

“Since last Friday (April 9), special protection has been provided to the families of the main princelings and the former CCP Politburo members. X (Xi) is in a bad state. The current situation is: Hu (Jintao) proposed a compromise plan, not removing X, but let Li (Keqiang) and Wang (Qishan) be in charge, and let X take a backseat to rest and study. Most of the retired leaders, including Jiang (Zemin), Zeng (Qinghong), and Wen (Jiabao) expressed their approval. At present, the two sides are coordinating. X has no way out and there has also been strange move of the military, too. Note: Please do not ask for the source; for reference only.”

{CS Editor’s Comments: In the past few months, there have been signs of the CCP’s infighting:

1. Twitter: Kyle Bass on April 11, 2020

2. Excerpt in Chinese:

歐美多國官員及專家近來頻頻指責中國「隱匿疫情」,導致武漢肺炎疫情蔓延全球,先前宣稱「親自指揮」防疫的中國國家主席習近平更成為眾矢之的,甚至體制內也出現「檢討習近平」的聲音。美國知名避險基金大亨巴斯(Kyle Bass)12日在推特上語出驚人,聲稱根據內部情報,中共黨內菁英想讓習近平「走人」,鄧小平家族勢力正策劃反對習近平成為「終身皇帝」的變革。


巴斯因成功預測2008年美國次貸危機而聞名,他長期對中國持強硬立場,曾在1月表示中國不太可能遵守與美國的貿易協議,2月時更與中國官媒《環球時報》總編輯胡錫進在推特上爆發筆戰。巴斯目前是華府智庫「應對中國當前危險委員會」(Committee on the Present Danger: China, CPDC)的成員。

Source: Liberty Times, April 12, 2020

3. Excerpt in Chinese:


Source: Twitter, New Highland Vision official account