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Food Supply: China Has 10-15 Days Reserve of Ready-to-Consume Food

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading throughout the world, there have been concerns among the Chinese whether China will run into a food shortage.

#1: At least 17 countries announced restrictions on exports of agricultural products, including wheat and rice. (Caixin)

#2: On April 4, Wang Hong, Director of the Department of Safe Warehousing and Science and Technology, State Food and Material Reserve Bureau, stated at a press conference, “We have built three defense lines. The first one is an ample raw food reserve. The second one is to build 10 to 15 days of ready-to-consume food reserves in large and mid-sized cities and regions that are likely to have price fluctuations. The third one is to set up a number of emergency food processing companies, emergency supply sites, emergency distribution centers, and emergency storage and shipping companies. 88.2 percent of these emergency food processing companies have resumed production. Their daily production capacity can feed the entire population of China, 1.4 billion people, for a day. (China News Agency)

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Source: Caixin, April 14, 2020

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Source: China News Agency, April 4, 2020