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The Oath to Join the Party: Never Betray the Party

In an effort to keep members from abandoing the Party, the Chinese Communist Party has issued numerous publications on Party rules and regulations of membership. According to an article at the official website of Chinese Communist Party, when a new member is admitted into the Communist Party, the person must be sworn in at a ceremony where the person takes an oath. The wording of the oath has evolved over time. The first oath was adopted in late 1920. The current oath was adopted in September 1982. In spite of changes in the wording of the oath over decades, two elements remain unchanged: one shall never betray the Party and shall devote the entire life fighting for the cause of Communism.

Since December 2004 when Epoch Times published Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party, over 39 millions have denounced the Chinese Communist Party.

Source: News of the Chinese Communist Party, October 30, 2007
Epoch Times,