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RFA: Beijing Escalates Control over Tibet; Tibetan Tourist Guides must Pass Political Ideology Tests

The Chinese authorities continue to escalate their control over the Tibet region. Recently, it became mandatory for all Tibetan tour guides to pass a “political ideology exam” in order to obtain a tour guide qualification certificate. In addition, in sensitive areas such as Biru County, the authorities have also taken control measures against Han tourists.

According to Radio Free Asia, in Tibet, whether the applicant for the tour guide task is Tibetan or Han, he must take the training course first and then pass the “Tibet Ideology and Politics” exam. The specific exam content includes the “Four Prospects of Marxism” and the “Fundamental Characteristics of the Dalai Group.” It consists of subjects such as “Tibet has been an inalienable part of China since ancient times” and “The Party’s National and Religious policy.” In sensitive regions where there have been self-immolation protests in the past, Han tourists are under strict control. They must file tourist application requests, specify the duration of their stay, and agree that they will strictly follow the tour guidelines. Han tourists are only allowed to tour in designated regions and they are not allowed to purchase religious publications sold by the locals. In addition, the authorities have also forced the temples in Tibet to hang the portraits of the party leaders in the lobby and they have demanded that the nuns and monks express their “appreciation to the party” and their “opposition to the Dalai Lama” in front of the tour groups.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 17, 2020