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Olympics: the Battlefield of Party Factions

As the Beijing Olympics has become the Olympics of the Party, factions within the Party are marking out their own territory, observes the Hong Kong-based Trend Magazine. President Hu Jintao is re-enforcing his position in the military. The deployment of the “Red Flag 7” Short-range surface-to-air missile outside the Olympics main site is one example. Former President Jiang Zemin’s Shanghai gang flexes its muscles through control of propaganda and foreign affairs. Internal documents on propaganda mandate that no media shall follow the tune of the western reports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a special mission, according to internal documents: (1) help overseas Chinese understand the need to politicize the Olympics; (2) offer business opportunities and lobby pro-China media in the West to spread that the Beijing Olympics is the pre-requisite of further reform; and (3) persuade pro-China media and commentators in Hong Kong and Taiwan to support the Olympics.

Source: The Trend Magazine