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Global Times: Nuclear Super Powers Will Not Lead China by the Nose

China’s official Global Times published an exclusive military report on April 16, “Nuclear super powers will not lead China by the nose,” countering some media critics on China’s nuclear capacity. 

“As the U.S. and Russia currently possess more than 90% of the world’s nuclear heads, they still have their absolute advantage in nuclear power. Even if they cut their nuclear heads by half, it’s just a natural thing in terms of world peace. Moreover, the U.S. and Russia only signed a treaty and have taken no real action yet. At the same time, hawks in the U.S. are crying for an even stronger nuclear capacity. Through these arguments, we find it very difficult not to develop the worry that some people in the U.S. may only be playing an old card, weakening others’ strength in exchange for its own advantage, and maintaining its own nuclear superiority by pressing other countries for nuclear disarmament.” 
Source: Global Times, April 16, 2010