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Chinese Communist Party Launched New Campaign to Cope with Challenges

In the later part of September, Chinese Communist Party formerly launched a campaign called “Thoroughly Applying the Scientific Outlook on Development”, a theoretical development by the party in view of “China’s present preliminary stage of socialism to cope with many immediate challenges and woes for sustainable progress”. Top provincial leaders gathered at the Central Party School in Beijng for days to sit in seminars in order to bring the key messages back to their region and cascade it down its members. Hu Jintao spoke at the session citing the recent tainted food incidents and concluded that “the tasks to reform and manage the party have been complex more than ever”. Xinhua also setup a special webpage to echo this campaign.

The campaign was initiated in last October. Government agencies including financial institution and schools were selected as the trial sites in February of 2008. The campaign was said to last for a year and half.

Xinhua, September 22, 2008