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Hong Kong Police Force Recruitment Ads at Overseas Universities Are Faced with Protests from Hong Kong Students

Recently, the Hong Kong Police Force issued recruitment advertisements at universities in Australia but they were met with protests from the Hong Kong students studying in Australia. The students, who consider the Hong Kong Police Force to be a criminal organization, were outraged that the Hong Kong Police Force could even post job advertisements at Australia’s top universities.

SBS World News reported that the Hong Kong Police Force put up two job postings for Trainee Inspector on the career page of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia. The job location is Hong Kong, with a monthly salary of 47,690 Hong Kong dollars (US$6,152).

Hong Kong students in Australia started making online protests immediately after the ads were posted. The Facebook group “NSW HongKongers” issued a joint petition on social media, asking the two universities to delete the Hong Kong police recruitment advertisements. NSW HongKongers also wrote a Facebook post and stated. “Similar recruitment advertisements have appeared on university websites all around the world. Many Hong Kong people believe that the Hong Kong police are working hard to recruit new forces from overseas students. In the past year, Hong Kong Police applicants decreased by 50 percent and more than 450 active police officers have opted out of the police force. The government has yet to respond to the Hong Kong people’s “five major demands.” The once highly respected Hong Kong Police Force has become just a branch of the CCP and will not truly serve Hong Kong and its people. Anyone with a conscience will not be willing to join. “Currently, after the students’ protests, the job postings were taken down from the university’s career opportunity pages.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the website of McMaster University, a public university in Ontario, Canada, has also published recruitment advertisements for the Hong Kong police. The recruitment advertisements there have also been withdrawn due to student protests.

Per information on the Website of the Hong Kong Police Force, the trainee inspector is the lowest inspector rank among the ranks of the Hong Kong police.

How Hong Kong police handled the large-scale demonstrations last year was widely criticized. Amnesty International alleged that police officers detained, beat and tortured arrested persons arbitrarily and used excessive force. The survey data showed that Hong Kong people’s confidence in the police has dropped to a record low.

Source: Secret China, May 17, 2020