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On Divine Intervention – Part II – Can Man Discern Evil?

By Nathan Li and A. Freeman

We saw in Part I of this series that, from 900 to 200 BC the Divine sent His emissaries to inspire, to teach, and to guide man in His ways, and, at times, to show him the consequences of his acts. Man could then learn from the errors he makes, learn not to look the other way in the face of evil, learn to be compassionate but not callous, and learn not to delude himself because of his own selfishness.

Man should have known his Creator would not approve of his ownership of other men. He should have known his Creator would never condone the atrocities committed during the second World War. He should have known when he vowed “Never Again!” that his Creator would expect him to uphold that vow.

It is therefore not surprising that man has had to face the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that enslaves its people mentally by controlling their minds; destroys its people’s consciences, tortures its people physically; and conducts physical genocide, spiritual cleansing, and the cultural eradication of religious practitioners and minority groups – all of these are exactly the acts that our Creator has shown man not to do.

Our Creator is merciful. He has prepared man to discern evil.

However, man, or at least many of them, are not able to see through the evil.

There are the righteous ones. President Reagan and many Western elites understood the “Evil Empire” of the former communist regime in Russia and its threat to the West, and fought vigorously against it. However, once the CCP, using its sly essence, hid its confrontational nature under an “opening up and reform” mask, took a “low profile,” and offered big economic enticements to the West, if no one would mention its true essence, many people’s minds changed to accommodate their own avarice.

The Creator has given us the tools, the moral codes and human values, to discern virtue from evil. With that, man should see that the CCP is not less evil, but more evil than the communist parties in other countries. During its 70 years of ruling China, the CCP has not only physically killed tens of millions of Chinese, but also destroyed the souls of over a billion people. Its torture, killing, and spiritual murder are still going on.

I. Killing and Torturing People

The 100 years of communist practice around the world has caused 100 million unnatural deaths. The CCP itself alone has caused from 60 million to 80 million deaths in China. {1}

After taking control of mainland China in 1949, the CCP immediately started a political movement, the “suppression of the reactionaries.” The regime admitted that it killed 2.4 million “reactionary elements,” but some estimate it was 5 million. {2}

At the same time, the regime forcibly took land and businesses from their owners offering no compensation. The CCP denounced the landowners and business owners as blood sucking parasites living off the peasants and workers and, in many cases, just killed them. Every evening, Chen Yi, the mayor of Shanghai at that time, would sit on a sofa with a cup of tea in hand and ask leisurely, “How many paratroopers are there today?” meaning, “How many businessmen jumped off of high buildings to commit suicide?” {3}

China’s highest death toll was recorded during its Great Famine (1959 to 1961). It was caused by a wrong economic policy, the Great Leap Forward, and it claimed an estimated 40 million lives. The CCP restricted its grain depots to feed only officials, military, and people dwelling in large and mid-sized cities, as it believed that as long as the city dwellers were under control, its power would be secure. In the villages, it searched for and took away farmers’ grains by force, leaving them to die of starvation at home, and also mobilized military and militias to lock down villages and keep farmers from fleeing so no one would learn about the famine. {4}

The Cultural Revolution (1966 – 1976) claimed 7.73 million people who died unnatural deaths. {5}

In 1989, when students and citizens went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for democracy and to end corruption, the CCP answered them with guns and tanks, in front of the whole world.

Starting in 1999, the CCP took on Falun Gong, a mind-body exercise based on ancient Buddhist practice. It banned the practice, fired practitioners from their jobs, confiscated their properties, took them to brain-washing centers, or locked them in forced labor camps and prisons.

Most viciously, the CCP imprisoned the practitioners and harvested their organs, creating a billion dollar organ transplant industry. China claims that it conducts 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants in a year. Most of the organs come from political dissidents, with Falun Gong practitioners being the largest victim group along with Uyghurs from Xinjiang. In 2019, the London People’s Court found the CCP guilty of organ harvesting. This crime is still continuing as of today.

“The Tribunal’s members are certain – unanimously, and sure beyond reasonable doubt – that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims.” {6}, {7}, {8}

China’s “one-child” policy (1979 – 2015) has caused tens of millions, if not more, deaths of innocent babies. Women, in many cases, were “tied like pigs” and subjected to abortion or sterilization. The government claimed an achievement of “preventing 400 million births.” {9}

This “one-child” policy also forced many Chinese families to abandon baby girls due to the traditional view that it is the son who passes down the family’s heritage. China now has 30 million more men than women, implying tens of millions of baby girls became victims. {10}

The CCP used Xinjiang for nuclear weapons testing but did not install proper preventive measures for the people living there. A Japanese professor studied 46 nuclear tests and concluded that they caused 190,000 innocent Uyghur deaths, 1.29 million radiation injuries, and 35,000 premature disfigured fetuses. {11}

When the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, Beijing did not inform the public but it instead disciplined those who “leaked” the information on the Internet. People were told not to share any information with the world about the infection or death rate. The regime instead asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to downplay the severity and not to cooperate with other countries on treatment. An estimated five million people were allowed to leave Wuhan and travel around China and throughout the world. At the same time the regime bought out the medical supplies from all over the world. As a result, Wuhan, Hubei, and the entire China suffered severe infections and deaths (the actual number remains unknown as the CCP hides all such data), and the whole world is still suffering with millions of people infected while hundreds of thousands have died.

Mass killing is not the CCP’s only crime. There are many people whose homes were taken from them and forcibly demolished so the government could initiate new real estate developments, whose children were permanently damaged after drinking poisonous formula made by manufacturers the government supports, whose pensions or subsidies the government spent for its own purposes, and whose face masks and food that the public donated during the coronavirus epidemic were stolen and shared instead among the CCP officials.

The list goes on and on, including millions of minorities, mainly the Uyghurs, locked down in “re-education” (often called concentration) camps in Xinjiang. Hundreds of thousands of people were infected with HIV when they donated blood; millions of people have suffered from environmental pollution and water poisoning; and hundreds of millions of peasants suffered from severe illness while their own government only provided medical insurance to city residents.

II. Destroying People’s Souls

From the spiritual perspective, killing tens of millions of Chinese and conducting live organ harvesting that is totally beyond any human moral code are still not the most vicious crimes that the CCP has committed. The most vicious act is the CCP’s attempt to destroy the souls of each and every one of its 1.4 billion Chinese population.

From claiming there are no divine beings to portraying itself as the “savior” of all of mankind; from pressuring and enticing hundreds of millions of people to join the communist party and its affiliated organizations to aggressively suppressing religious practices, the CCP has established a systematic way to brainwash the Chinese and to deny the Divine. It does it so skillfully that many Chinese people may feel that they made a “personal” decision on their own to be an atheist, without realizing what the CCP has imposed its view on them.

The CCP’s approach to take over people’s souls includes building a “big brother” system to monitor people; controlling the information feed so as to brainwash people; destroying any vestige of people’s consciences; and destroying religion in order to wipe out the history and meaning of all that the Divine has bestowed on people.

A. Establishing an Orwellian “Big Brother” System

With absolute power in its hands, the CCP has built a police-controlled monitoring system that covers the entire nation. This enables it to monitor people’s thoughts and behavior, so that it can identify and “eradicate” those who have any doubts or who have the courage to question the CCP. It uses fear and enticements to train the rest in order to “numb” their brains.

Building the party structure everywhere is one key step in installing the CCP’s leadership. The CCP installs its party organs as parasites that live off of government agencies, institutions, and companies. It makes the party organ above the hosting entity and gives the party official the highest authority over the hosting entity. The party organ even appropriates money from that entity’s budget for party activities.

The CCP claimed 89.6 million members and 4.6 million branches by the end of 2017. {12} Starting in 2018, it pushed for a party structure in every company, even including foreign companies and subsidiaries. The China Securities Regulatory Commission required that publicly traded companies, including those traded in the Western stock markets, must include party development work in the company’s articles of incorporation. {13}

Creating monitoring systems everywhere was its next step in order to observe, and regulate people’s behavior. The CCP has created a Personal Record (档案) system to record people’s basic information as well as their political actions and inclination; a Residence Card (户口) system to fix a person to a locality for better control; and a “Stability Maintenance (维稳)” system to use the law enforcement forces, including intelligence agencies, police, armed police, courts, procuratorates (prosecutors in the Western term), urban management, and every sophisticated method that can be imagined to suppress any different voices and to create a “harmonious” society.

The CCP also recruits “informants” to encourage the Chinese to monitor and report on each other. In 2018, Beijing employed several hundred thousand “Stability Maintenance informants.” {14} Universities appoint student informants in each class to report on what the professors and their fellow students say and consequently, they can discipline professors if they cross the “red line.” During the coronavirus pandemic, Heilongjiang Province offered rewards of 3,000 yuan (US $430) for anyone who reported people for “illegally” crossing the Sino-Russia border and 5,000 yuan for people who arrested the border-crosser. {15}

The CCP demanded that all companies share information with it. China’s National Intelligence Laws require that “all organizations and citizens shall, in accordance with the law, support, cooperate with, and collaborate in national intelligence work.” {16} All Chinese social media, including WeChat, Weibo, and TikTok, have self-imposed content monitoring. They delete any postings that are against the government and report on all of the “offenders.”

After we entered the 21st century, the CCP also modernized its system with the latest high-tech capabilities. An official from Wuhan said in an Internet video, “If you have a cell phone, we can trace everything… Whether you post (something) on WeChat, look at a porn image, or do this or that, we can retrieve all of it.” {17}

China leads the world in setting up surveillance monitors and using facial recognition technologies. VOA reported, “In 2017, there was one monitor camera in China for every eight residents. By 2020, it will be one for every two residents.” “In December 2017, Chinese police, in a test, located and apprehended BBC reporter John Sudworth in seven minutes by using its computer system to check surveillance cameras against his picture.” {18}

During the coronavirus pandemic, Megvii Technologies, a facial recognition company, applied for 100 million Yuan (US $14 million) of government funding to enhance the facial recognition accuracy of people wearing masks. {19}

Beijing also built social management systems leveraging advanced technologies. The CCP created a Social Credit System that scores people based on their social, political, and economic behavior. “People with low scores can be banned or blacklisted from accessing services including flights and train travel.” It also expanded that system to track overseas Chinese (including those who are not Chinese citizens but have a Chinese origin). {20}

During the coronavirus pandemic, the government mandated people to install a “Health Card” app on their mobile phones so that the government can track every place people go, including which bus or subway train they take. The government is also working on a digital currency solution that can track all spending and every location where each person spends anything.

The Chinese people simply have nowhere to hide.

B. Controlling Information Feeds

The CCP has long imposed a tight control over the media. Its Central Propaganda Department, along with the Provincial Propaganda Departments, oversee all media, including newspapers, magazines, radios, televisions, movies, printing, and publication businesses and decides what can be published.

The CCP also controls the textbooks and what can be taught. Students from a very young age have learned that the party “is their great mother.” Political Study is a mandatory class from elementary school to high school, for which each student must give the “official” answers in order to get a high score.

To prevent people from learning the truth, the CCP has built a “Great Firewall,” a censored firewall to filter out Internet information that the government does not want its people to see. It hires a large number of Internet police to monitor the Internet and remove any postings that contain “negative energy,” meaning information that the CCP has not approved. It also mobilizes millions of people to post articles supporting the authorities and denouncing its enemies. This creates the illusion that its messages are supported by the “main-stream” majorities.

To further block the Chinese from accessing the truth, the CCP bought out most of the Chinese language media overseas and even set up fake “overseas Chinese language media.” This ensures that even the voices overseas are “harmonious” with the regime’s tone and viewpoints. It also promotes the Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classes, in the name of language education programs, to foreign universities. These facilities steer students away from touching “sensitive” topics that Beijing does not want people to hear about and it influences the hosting schools so that they do not hold activities or express opinions that annoy Beijing.

As a result, when Chinese students study abroad, even though they live in a different country and have access to the uncensored truth, they are still likely to be under the CCP’s control as they discuss with their friends on WeChat and read news in the Chinese language.

C. Destroying People’s Conscience

After gaining complete control over people’s lives and total dominance over their speech, the CCP then works on destroying people’s conscience and molding them into the “tame tool of the party.”

First, it destroys people’s dignity by stripping them of their pride and by, when necessary, subjecting them to public humiliation. During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards (teenagers who were brainwashed to listen only to Mao Zedong) cut many female victims’ hair into the “yin-yang style” (half-side bald and half-side with short hair), forced victims to condemn themselves, and made their children denounce or even hit them.

To torture Falun Gong practitioners, prison guards often used electric batons to shock female practitioners’ breasts and private parts. The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp striped 18 female practitioners naked and put them into male inmate cells. {21}

To make the Uyghurs, most of whom are Muslims, submit to Beijing, the government organizes pork eating and wine drinking contests during Ramadan. The authorities require them to keep their doors unlocked at night so that the government can come in and search anytime. {22}

Second, the CCP destroys people’s freedom of thought. Mao Zedong designed the Anti-Rightist campaign in 1957 to silence the intellectuals. Using a strategy that he called as “getting the snake out of its hole,” Mao and the CCP Central Committee repeatedly, “sincerely” invited intellectuals to criticize the CCP. People were hesitant initially but eventually spoke up. A few months later, the CCP labeled them as rightists and put them in forced labor camps. The CCP admitted it wrongfully accused 550,000 people, but people have estimated the real number to be 1.8 million. {23}, {24}

This Anti-Rightist campaign muzzled Chinese intellectuals completely. As an independent reporter Gao Yu pointed out, “In 1957, (The CCP) destroyed several generations of the best Chinese intellectuals. Mao Zedong is trying to make the soul of intellectuals collapse and become distorted. … What he wants to crush and eliminate is the intellectuals’ independent thinking, their independent personality, and their ability to criticize society.” {25}

Next, the CCP destroys people’s conscience. A story helps people to see how the CCP twisted people’s conscience to take over their souls:

Between 1942 and 1944, the CCP held a Rectification Movement political campaign in Yan’an. During that campaign, it accused many people of being enemy spies. Most of the accused were innocent, but many could not stand the political pressure and admitted guilt. A high-ranking official yielded and fabricated his spy network giving the names of his friends and colleagues. He felt so ashamed about selling his conscience that when he found a pistol in his room, he pointed it to his head and pulled the trigger. But there was no bullet! Then his interrogator, who was watching all along, came in.

“It is okay to make mistakes,” The tormentor spoke for the party, “As long as you admit it (to the party), the party will forgive you.”

At that point, the wrongfully accused official lost everything, his conscience, his dignity, and even the courage to commit suicide. He had nowhere to go but only to the party’s “warm embrace” to seek comfort. What was even worse was that the CCP had completely turned white into black. That official created a lie and the party accepted his lie and established it as the truth; from then on if he repeated this lie he was “telling the truth”; if he ever wanted to tell the truth, he would be “lying to the party.” {26}

After losing their conscience, people could no longer uphold their morals, values, and the proper behaviors that the Divine had taught them. Instead, they found they could act in ways that the Divine never wanted them to act. For example, during the Cultural Revolution, civilians labeled other civilians as “counter-revolutionaries” and decided they could just kill them; 50 million people worked as “one child” policy enforcers to force women who might be their neighbors, to abort their babies or kill them after they were born. . Doctors were forced to cut the organs out from live, innocent Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs. People cheered and celebrated after hearing the U.S. suffered the “9-11” attack or the coronavirus pandemic.

Nowadays, the morality of the society in China has deteriorated so badly that, when an elderly person falls, nobody dares to help him get up (for fear that the elderly person might accuse him of causing his fall and ask for compensation). If a car knocked a person down, the driver would drive his car back and forth over the person multiple times to ensure the person was for sure dead. Why? The driver would rather pay a one-time charge for the death than the mounting hospital bills if the person was disabled and hospitalized). {27}

D. Destroying Religions

Religions are what connect man to the Divine, give man a path to elevate, and in the meantime, help man maintain his morality and his values.

Being an anti-divine force, the CCP tries everything to prevent people from having a spiritual awareness.

From the 1950s to the Cultural Revolution (1966 – 1976), the CCP destroyed almost all Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian religions and religious relics in China, including temples, churches, clergymen, believers, and practices. It wrecked China’s first Buddhist temple, the White Horse Temple, including the 2,000-year-old Pattra-leaf Scripts and 1,000-year-old clay statues of Eighteen Arhats. It destroyed the Taoist sacred site, the Louguan Temple, where Lao Tzu wrote Tao-de Ching 2,500 year ago and over 50 historical sites within the vicinity. It killed over 10,000 Christian clergymen after charging them as “landlords” or “counter-revolutionaries” and sent over 60,000 to labor camps. {28}

In Tibet, it destroyed most of the 2,500 temples and kept only a little over 70, and it drove the majority of the 110,000 monks and nuns out the temples and kept only 7,000. “The Panchen Lama wrote, ‘(The authorities) ordered the lamas to stand on one side and nuns and lay ladies on the other side, and then forced them to pick a spouse from the other side.’ ‘(The authorities) used the Tripitaka (a very important Buddhist scripture) as the raw material to make manure and used many Buddhist paintings and scriptures as materials for making shoes.’” {29}

Then the CCP established a few small decorative religious groups to showcase that China “has freedom of religion.”  It made sure that those who practiced knew that the CCP is their real “God.” As a Deputy Director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs stated at a briefing on religious affairs in China, “I don’t think any religion in human society is above the state.” {30}

One of the puppet religions is the “Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches.” The “Three-Self” refers to “self-governance, self-support, and self-propagation,” indicating a complete separation from the Western Christian establishment.

When a close friend asked Wu Yaozong, then head of the Three-Self church, how he regarded the miracles that Jesus performed, Wu replied, “I have discarded all of them.” {31}

In the past few decades, the CCP rebuilt many Buddhist temples and Daoist temples. Its purpose was not for people to worship the Divine and practice religion, but for tourism and making money. Shi Yongxin, the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple became the “Shaolin CEO” for running businesses; he was reported for stealing the temple’s money and having multiple mistresses and two daughters. {32}

Two Taoist practitioners in Hunan Province got married and had a baby in 2003, although this was prohibited in true Taoist practice. However, the husband “practitioner” was appointed as the head priest of a temple and the wife “practitioner” was elected as the President of a local Taoist Association. {33}

As to those who are still serious about religious practice, Beijing deals with them with an iron fist. The CCP has continued to suppress Christians, Muslims (especially the Uyghurs in Xinjiang), Tibetan Buddhists, and Falun Gong practitioners. Despite the stories of the torture against those religious practitioners that have been widely reported in the Western media, the United Nations Human Rights Commission reports, and in the U.S. Department of State human rights reports {34}, the CCP ignores the international criticism and continues to force these practitioners to give up their belief and submit themselves to the party’s leadership.

Let’s think what will happen to people who do not believe in the Divine but only in the CCP.

From the Christian and from many other religious points of view, if man believes in our Creator and follows His ways, after he dies, his soul can go to heaven. If man’s connection to the Creator is severed, where will he go? Where will all those Chinese people go if their obedience to or fear of the CCP causes them to severed their connection to our Creator? In addition, how much of what comes out of the mouths of CCP members or Chinese people brainwashed to be atheists is actually a form of blasphemy?

Where then is the CCP taking the Chinese people? Isn’t the CCP working for the Satan?

III. Impacting the World

After seeing the evil nature of the CCP, some Westerners may say, “I got it – the CCP is evil. But it is in China and it ruins the people in China. Why should I care?”

Yes, we care – because all human beings are one family. The golden rule told us to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The North fought the South in the Civil War because they cared about the people being enslaved in the South, the developed countries provide aid to the underdeveloped because they do not want to see people there die of hunger or the plague, and when people vowed, “Never Again,” it was because they didn’t want to stand by when genocide happens in any other place.

Yes, we care – because from the spiritual angle, the Chinese people are our brothers and sisters and they also deserve to have a chance to go to heaven. The Divine taught us compassion and also taught us to help others.

It says at 1CO12, 7-10, “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice: to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge. The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing. He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another Spirit. . . .  It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. . . . The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.”

After seeing the evil nature of the CCP, some Westerners may say, “I got it – the CCP is evil. But it is in China and it ruins the people in China. Why should I care?”

Yes, we care – because all human beings are one family. The golden rule told us to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The North fought the South in the Civil War because they cared about the people being enslaved in the South; the developed countries provide aid to the underdeveloped because they do not want to see people there die of hunger or plague. When people vowed, “Never Again,” it was because they don’t want to stand by when genocide happens in other places.

Yes, we care – because the CCP’s actions in China threaten the safety of everyone in the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught the world a lesson: what a regime without morals and without the Spirit of God can do to itself and to other countries: it can conceal information and drag others into disaster; it can hoard all medical supplies and keep them from the world to leave us naked in front of the virus; it can coerce us into using Huawei’s 5G products by withholding face masks that are urgently needed; it can hack into your system to steal your research on a vaccine and on treatment; and it can shamelessly blame you for being the origin of the virus when everyone knows it was from Wuhan.

So when the CCP takes the lives of its own people, ruins the environment they live in, and destroys their morals, it does not just damage the Chinese. Rather, it damages the entire world: it jeopardizes our health, puts our food security at risk, pollutes our environment, and threatens our economy and our lives.

Yes, we care – because the CCP is aggressively working on taking over the world and changing us to be its slaves.

From the island-building in the South China Sea to buying the African countries for their natural resources in an international alliance; from the Belt&Road Initiatives that export China’s extra labor and products to the world through projects that are not economical to the internationalization of the Renminbi; from installing Chinese officials and puppets from other countries as the head of international organizations to setting up Confucius Institutions around the world; from buying politicians, lobbyists, and other types of agents in Western countries to preparing “unlimited warfare” against the Western countries – the CCP is expanding its claws to grab the world.

And yes, we care – because from the spiritual angle, the Chinese people are our brothers and sisters and we must help them to find their souls and regain their chances to go to heaven but not to be dragged down by the CCP. The Divine has taught us compassion, taught us to help others, and taught us that together we make one whole body.

It says at 1CO7-11, “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice: to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge. The same Spirit gives great faith to another, and to someone else the one Spirit gives the gift of healing. He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy.  … The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.”

And yes, we care – because as it entangles the world more and more, the CCP has been changing our behavior; it has caused our morals to deteriorate, it has weakened our belief in the Divine: it buys our friends, sells the supremacy of the “communist system” to the world, challenges our values, and forces us to give up our principles and our consciences when it holds our investments in China hostage or lures us with money – our companies cooperate with the CCP, our people are insensitive to the Chinese people’s suffering, our politicians remain silent on the CCP’s human rights violations and religious suppressions, and sadly, some of us have even start admiring or endorsing the CCP.

The CCP is taking the “one whole body” of the entire human race, of which each of us is a part, to cause us to drift away and eventually even deny the existence of our Creator. “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.”

The coronavirus is a wake-up call. Through it, the Divine sends us a message: The CCP is evil; it not only destroys the Chinese people but is also infiltrates, invades, and changes the whole world.

The whole body should use its God-given powers so we can help each other to become an integral part of the whole that comes to our Creator, listens to our Creator, and turns away from evil.

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