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China Review News: Sino-US dispute over the exchange rate will be a long-term one

On April 22, 2010, published an article, “Sino-US dispute over the exchange rate will be a long-term one” by Wang Dong, a Chinese researcher in Beijing.

Wang said that Obama’s government has never given up on pressuring China to increase the RMB (Chinese currency) value, resulting in the current Sino-US trade friction and a growing number of disputes. Wang further said that the depreciation of the U.S. dollars will cause drastic shrinkage of China’s foreign currency reserve assets, lead to global inflation, and make China’s exports more difficult.

However, Wang pointed out that RMB appreciation will increase Chinese people’s confidence in domestic assets calculated in RMB and thus ease inflation pressure. In addition, a stronger RMB will inevitably speed up the internationalization of the RMB and thus diversify the international currency pattern.

Source:, April 22, 2010